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Statue - Date Masamune Figure KS014

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Product#: KS-014
Art Statue - Date Masamune riding on Horse
Sold by: サムライストア株式会社 JAPAN
Delivery Time: 4-7 days (DHL express worldwide)


Brand new handcrafted polystone statue of the warlord Date Masamune.

In the late Sengoku Period, Date Masamune was comet in the north east part of Japan. Masamune, who is also regarded as role model of the Oda Nobunaga, was caught in an old tradition and delayed integration fearlessly louver. Since 18 years old, he became the head of the family, then he continued his challenge in the battle and in a very short period of time he was able to be the top leader in the prefecture. 

The remarkable crescent headerboard is finished with genuine beaten gold to reenact his actual helmet being registered as important cultural properties of Japan at Sendai museum.


Dimensions: H188× W 145× D 85 mm (w/ the base and spear)
Principal Material: Polystone 
Net Weight: 510 grams
Comes with: English Instructions


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